Spring rituals to transform your skin

We've arrived! Spring :) The time of inspiration, projects and ideas...Of spring cleaning!
A chance to free up some space and shake off winter in the home and our bodies.
Finding ways to add motivation and enthusiasm to daily rituals and squeezing the joy out of routine is one of my passions.

So here are 3 gorgeous rituals that´ll give you a spring in your step!

Lymphatic Flow Boost 🛀🏾

Stimulate your lymphatic system with dry body brushing. Gently brush your skin towards your heart to promote circulation, and detoxification, helping to brush off those cobwebs

Jump in a hot mineral salt bath and feel how your skin is becomes soft, flexible, alive and rejuvenated, as well as a giving huge relief for aches, pains and stiffness. PACHAMAMA mineral-rich herbal salt bath is designed for this exact use in mind.

Energizing Massages 💆
Treat yourself to the countless benefits of massage. Go a little further and massage oil into your scalp before a hair wash, and your feet after a soak in the bath.

Massage is so good for you, it can ease tension, improve circulation and help you get the most out of natural herbal products with their affinity with our bodies and healing powers. SHAKTI Energizing body & hair oil is your go-to daily pep up and intensive treatments. Infusing the essence of Rosemary´s vitality into the skin and hair.

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine 🌿
Try giving your skin a good cleanse, mask and feed your skin with delicious fresh plant... skincare. Follow by absolutely nothing, leave your skin natural to do its thing... I challenge you to see how many days you can go just feeding your skin back to health :)

ELEMENTS Facial range is my go-to for my treasured moments caring for my skin. These are infused with potent botanicals; my own artisan extracts of exquisite resins, and petals. Golden glowing oils infused under the moonlight. This collection delivers transformative results for radiant, glowing skin.

Wishing you a wonderful springtime, abundant health and happiness!

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