Today, even more than ever before, sustainability and the responsible use of raw materials are of the utmost importance for our planet and all of us blessed beings living here. These days the world and ecosystem are in crisis because we have exploited raw materials for our own selfish use and a huge problem now exists from the irresponsible use of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. 

As a maker and business owner, I cannot stress enough how important it is to me to recognize any waste created by my business of the conscientious use of packaging. I make an effort in my home, so I sure as hell refuse to ignore the potential waste produced by my refuse to sell my products in plastic or single-use containers. 

So, let's love to recycle! OR even better upcycle!!


My aim is to package Alchemy Skin and Soul products as consciously as possible, avoiding plastic wherever possible. I prefer recycled or recycle-able and biodegradable options. My work doesn't stop as I'm constantly searching for more earth-friendly options all the time.

The products are packaged in amber glass jars or bottles, which are preferable to protect the natural contents from UV light.  Of course, once the product has been used, they are 100% recyclable. Glass is not only much more beautiful but it lasts so much longer.


As I mention, glass is preferable to plastic for so many reasons and its beautiful!

BUT, even if it is recyclable it does use fuel and resources in the transportation and process of recycling. So, for me, the preference is always to re-use or "upcycle". There are countless ways to re-use a glass jar or bottle. Refill with any refill product you have, use as a candle holder which is perfect for outdoors, as well as being perfect containers for your DIY house cleaning products. As decoration they are equally as beautiful, to put flowers or scented potpourri. These are just some ideas, but if you are stuck check out my Pinterest board below for some inspiration on upcycling glass!

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