Step into the realm of Alchemy Skin & Soul, where we meticulously craft artisan skincare and remedies using the finest natural ingredients sourced from the picturesque mountains of Andalusia in southern Spain.

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey, surrounded by captivating textures and hues inspired by the beauty of nature. Our offerings are a luxurious blend for both skin & soul, capturing the untamed essence of the elements and embodying the pure spirit of nature.
Alchemy Skin & Soul is more than a skincare brand; it is a haven for wild souls, unconventional spirits, and those who seek the extraordinary. Welcome to your sanctuary where skincare transforms into an exquisite ritual, a celebration of you and the raw beauty that Mother Earth has to offer.
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We embrace a holistic approach to skincare, honoring the skin as the body's largest organ and fiercest defender – a delicate canvas that deserves utmost care. Our unique line is adaptable and interchangeable, your skin allies which are crafted to heal, repair, and revitalize, supporting the natural resilience of this precious organ.

These offerings are designed to restore vibrant health to your skin, providing sensations that not only nourish the soul but also calm the mind.

This commitment and belief in creating rituals that extend beyond skincare. Each product is a tribute to self-care, allowing you to feel, as well as look your best. 

It is an honor that you join this journey, where the process of caring for yourself becomes a celebration, a series of little joys that amplify your inner radiance and enhance your outer beauty.

Welcome to a space where holistic skincare meets the empowerment of your true nature.


  • Raw materials are carefully selected, choosing the highest quality, natural ingredients.
  • Minimum waste. Glass and aluminium recycle-able or upcycle-able bottles and jars.
  • No mineral oils, synthetic fragrance oils or Palm oil.
  • Trading fairly with independent or local producers to supply raw ingredients.
  • No GMO or transgenic products.
  • All oils are cold pressed, virgin and unrefined.
  • No harm to animals. No ingredient or product is ever tested on animals.
  • All formulations are mixed conscientiously and by hand. Avoiding extreme high temperatures for all butters and oils to help retain the raw, beneficial properties.
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Powerful yet fragile Mother Nature offers us an abundant source of healing, we are connected to her patterns, and vibration. Plants and herbs are raw materials that are best enjoyed unadulterated, and with their full integrity still intact.

Formulations created in Alchemy’s atelier include only ingredients that remain as nature made them. These components are blended meticulously, with respect to the raw nature of the material, as well as their compatibility in the formulation itself, resulting in a pure, uncomplicated and highly effective product.


Every creation follows a fine-tuned process and narrative, from the harvest and selection of the herbs, through development, to method of manufacture. It is reliant upon nature and people, those working with our hands, environment and community.

The stages of the artisanal process is shaped by the human hand, and avoids the use of large industry, factory manufacture or synthetic chemicals. 

Production in utra-fresh, micro-batches produces an unrivaled quality. An artisan process up to the very last steps, where every bottle is hand polished, labelled and packaged with care and love.

Rosemary for distillation


Alchemy is the science of life, of elements and of nature. The roots of Alchemy Skin & Soul come from the earth, from the pure energy of nature and her tremendous healing powers. 

The inspiration is gathered from ancient wisdom, herbal remedies, and local knowledge from our human heritage of healers from all over the planet, such as Ayurveda (meaning science of life).  By tapping into this wealth of healing power we all have at our fingertips and employing techniques to make the most of the fresh, most nutrient botanicals we are gifted with the greatest healing properties for our own well-being.

As natural healing is innate in all of us, it is also common sense. We treasure these gifts of wisdom passed down to us from our elders.

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