LOTION POTION Sensitive & dry skin


Lotion to moisturize and soothe the most sensitive skin types. Reduces inflammation and itching of dermatitis and dry, inflamed skin conditions.


Contains herbal infused oils, crafted biodynamically with the moon and sun.  Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender flowers are infused in cold-pressed oils to obtain their healing properties.

The water phase in this lotion is my artisan produced Lavender Hydrolate, distilled in a traditional copper alembic still.

A healthy dose of Virgin Avocado oil, fresh and produced in the mountains of southern Spain adds a nutrition boost, for all skin types.

Contains  blue Matricaria Chamomilla oil, anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing, with a beautiful aroma.


Apply to the skin at any time with a gentle massage. With endless uses as well as making an effective natural alternative to treat extremely dry skin conditions such as cracked hands and heels, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dermatitis.
Take your sweet time massaging slowly into all the dry areas of your body. Also suitable for face.


Apply before bed and wear a loose fitting, breathable material to help your skin regenerate overnight. 

Packaged in a 250ml glass bottle with pump dispenser.

All Alchemy Skin & Soul products are made by hand in small batches to guarantee freshness. Produced in the Andalusian mountains, surrounded by fertile land and breath-taking biodiversity I aim to source as many ingredients as possible locally and organically, or from trusted certified suppliers.

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