Rituals and ceremonies are for me the cornerstone of self-care. Healing happens when we give our bodies the time and attention we deserve.

It is in the deep breath after a long day, sinking into the hot water in the bathtub and feeling the steam enveloping you. It’s in the aroma of your favourite oil, the light of the candle, the incense smoke billowing up and filling the air with fragrance. It’s in stopping time, if only for a minute.   

Any product, herb, technique we use is built upon the moments we take for ourselves. Joy and appreciation of our bodies is a beautiful by product and I believe that’s where the real power lies.
So let’s ease into this…
At the time of writing we are entering Spring, which makes it a perfect time for getting our circulation going, moving warmth and energy, getting our lymph flowing and inner rivers clearing out built up toxins from the winter. But, this ritual is an essential part of self-love all year round!

This is sweet and effective ritual you can do to get your body in flow with your mind. So, run yourself a bath, light a candle, some incense, make a tea…

Dry body brushing...

On dry skin, begin from your feet upwards with short and brisk brush strokes. Around the toes, ankles, soles of your feet…

Working from the extremities, brush inwards in short strokes that you can feel enough energy that it feels invigorating, going inwards towards the heart. Up your legs, torso, and arms and downwards on the chest.

Spend extra time working on areas that feel stagnant or may have been retaining liquids. The thighs and buttocks to stimulate and underarms to aid the lymph flow.

In general, spend some extra time around the areas of lymph nodes, such as the groin, underarms, and breasts.

As well as stimulating the circulation and lymphatic system you aid freer flow of chi through the meridians of the body which should make you feel energized.

The benefits for your skin are the removal of dead skin cells and minimize ingrown hairs. As well as maximize the benefits of the next steps in your ritual.

(A quick note here: If you don´t happen to have a body brush, you could substitute for a rough mitt or chunky cotton cloth to the same effect. But its definitely worth the small investment to get a body brush. I´m certain youñll get good use out of it!)


Add your preferred ingredients, I always imagine my bath like a big cup of herbal infusion, add all the lovely ingredients that you would like to make yourself feel good.

What is your skin asking you for?
What aroma would you enjoy most today?

I add my own Mineral bath soak Pachamama since it contains detoxifying dead sea salts and Magnesium rich Epsom salts. Its like bathing in a garden of flowers, Rose and Lavender relax and care for the skin and Arnica helps melt away the pains and aches. Calendula and Rose care for your skin while you soak.

Close your eyes and float away to where your imagination leads you.

Soaking in a bath like this will aid you in a natural detoxification, drawing out impurities from your skin just as this little ceremony for yourself helps to detoxify your mind from the all the thoughts and worries of the past and future. Just being in your bath right now is all that exists. In this very moment. So, enjoy it!

So, you’ve soaked and blissed out, I’m happy for you :)

The skin cushion...

Now your skin has enjoyed the exfoliation of body brushing and your skin is clean, the softness of your moist skin now deserves a cushion of moisture. Adding a humectant such as an oil is my preferred way to finish the ritual.

An oil by nature calls for your hands to become in involved in the process, to massage and further support circulation. Feeling what areas need some extra attention. What about those hardworking feet that carry you through your days? Massage around your ankles, the soles of your feet, your toenails, and cuticles. You get the idea…

I use Shakti Energizing body and hair oil. The blend of oils is ultra-nourishing for the skin and with herbs providing vitalizing energetics.

Celebrating our femininity and applying an oil in a ceremonious fashion is like blessing our body, giving thanks the work, this goddess (you) does every day to keep up the processes of life. Take a moment to acknowledge the cycles and processes we flow through as women.

Massage your tummy in anticlockwise strokes, upwards and outwards over your breasts. Giving the tissues of your body love and helping them to drain toxins up through the lymph nodes.

Bask in the moment of self-love and take a deep breath...

In love & gratitude,

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Productos muy buenos …gracias por tus buenos consejos de ritual…para cuidarnos

Carmen Vázquez Parrillo April 05, 2021

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