Flower essence of Jara adventure with my furry friends

Come with us on one of my favourite springtime rituals. Collecting the flowers from the Jara Pringosa - Cistus Ladanifer to make a flower essence for myself, my family, and my friends.
Here in the Sierra de Aracena natural park, I collect water from the mountain spring and flowers from the rocks to create some plant magic.
When I moved to the Sierra de Aracena, and spent my first magical springtime here, I felt like a kid again, bewitched by the sea of Jara flowers suddenly enormous on the rock sides. Intoxicated by the heady aroma of Labdanum that fills the air.
Those moments at the peak of a season are gifts, giving us the power of seeing through the eyes of a child again. The days walking in nature in springtime is right up there with moments like waking up on a crisp snowy winters’ morning, a bonfire lighting the night sky in Autumn, and the warm balmy beach days of summer. Those are the moments we relish, and the smells and sights and feelings make it wonderful to be alive.

I began working with the plant and consuming the plant. I use the floral essence made by myself in smallest of batches and share with my family and friends if they express interest in trying it.
I love this plant so much and I use her extensively in many of my rituals and creations. The essential oil of Cistus I also use in creams and my Yoga Ritual blend LUNA. A local client said “oooh that smell reminds me of that intoxicating aroma of Jara on the hillsides when I go out walking”. That for me was just one of the best compliments and feedback, to know that joy is shared and that others enjoy it as much as I do!
I also wrote an in-depth article about the curiosities of this plant, which you can read HERE.

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